Club Tournaments 2017-2018

Congratulations to our 2017-18 club champions, Neville Karro and Desiree Macaulay. Desiree won her third straight club singles championship with a 25-9 win over Marcelle Karro in a repeat of last seasons final. Marcelle's husband Neville won his first ever club championship with a 25-15 win over Jeff Hunter. A large crowd was in attendance to watch the women's final on Sunday morning and again on Wednesday afternoon for the men's final. Question? When was the last time a husband and wife both played in the club's final in the same year?
Runner Up
MEN’S SINGLES Neville Karro Jeff Hunter
MEN’S PAIRS Xavier Cerreto Adrian Lim Abe Stiglec Jack Cooper
MEN’S TRIPLES Michael Shapiro Tonny Van Haastert Xavier Cerreto Ashley Beckwith Steven Rubenstein Jeff Hunter
MEN’S MINOR SINGLES Adrian Lim Ashley Beckwith
MEN’S 100 UP (PROPORTIONAL) Ashley Beckwith David Franks
LADIES SINGLES Desiree Macaulay Marcelle Karro
LADIES PAIRS Marcelle Karro Leila Levy Sharonna Brott Desiree Macaulay
LADIES MINOR SINGLES Janice Broder Helen Basist
LADIES 100 UP (PROPORTIONAL) Karen Rubenstein Frieda Shapiro
MIXED PAIRS Wolfe Groch Leila Levy Tom Macaulay Desiree Macaulay