Club Tournaments 2023-24

Please note that some conditions of play have changed from previous years.
These are summarised as follows:

Paragraph 10 (Exemptions for changing the date of club singles final have now been made stronger.)
Paragraph 11 (Changed the definition of a constituted team. This means that replacements cannot skip, only if they were not in the team that played the first game.)
Paragraph 18 (A new regulation to stop bowlers continually going up to the head, except for the last three ends. This cannot apply to singles since it is impossible to know which will be the last three ends)
Paragraph 20 (Handicaps for the proportional tournaments will be decided four weeks after the start of pennant).

Please note that we will be strict on “play by dates”, as well as “play on dates”.
Please read the conditions carefully and make sure that you play your matches on time.