Tournament Finals March & April 2023

Congratulations to the Winners and Runners Up

  Winner Runner Up
LADIES MINOR SINGLES Jan Kamien Annette Wester
LADIES 100 UP Jan Kamien Ruth Maserow
LADIES PAIRSRuth Maserow, Di GrosbergShelley Beder, Annette Wester
MIXED PAIRS Annette Wester, Michael Sher Nancy Wicks, Barry Wicks
MEN’S MINOR SINGLES Lawrence Hirsch Stan Maserow
MEN’S 100 UP Neville Karro Martin Block
MEN’S PAIRSStan Todes, Ashley BeckwithAlan Coulter, Barry Wicks
OPEN TRIPLESRuth Maserow, Stan Maserow Ashley BeckwithNancy Wicks,  Barry Wicks, Alan Coulter