Sandbelt Pairs Win 2021

Sanbelt Pairs Over 60s Champions

Congratulations to Xavier Cerreto and Tonny Van Haastert on their outstanding win in the Sandbelt Men’s Over 60’s Pairs. 

At one stage the pair were down 6 – 15 against a very strong opposition. They crawled their way up until at the end of the 14th end they were 15 – 15. They had been led to believe the finals was an 18 end match but, when they started the 15th end, were told otherwise, that it was a 15 end match because it was an over 60’s event. That meant they were on 15 all entering the final end. Teeth clenching. Both our bowlers placed bowls near the jack but, knowing the strength of the opposition, that was no guarantee of a win. At one stage our team were 5 up until their skip drove into the head, leaving our team at 3 up.

Final score ……… an amazing 18 – 15